The Epic

This is the beginnings of an “epic” written in quatrain to explore concepts in ocean science and ecology. It is a slowly evolving project and feedback and suggestions are hugely welcome.

Panthalassa Rising


When earth was young, before the pieces set,

The rains were harsh, with skies that flooded wet.

A rain which filled the valleys into seas,

When wave and shore began their long duet.


The rain fell on as sky’s great beauty wept.

So bit by bit the rocky land was swept.

And from these spoils the sea waxed rich with salt,

Such gifts from land its duty to accept.


As ages flew the land and sea waged war,

But lifeless pools would blossom into more.

By joins and pairs the spring of life began,

To flood the deep, to break above the shore.


In bumbling steps the continents they danced,

The planet’s face spun shifting and entranced.

While life rose up, from simple globs it grew,

By steps and splits continued its advance.


And then, quite fast, the great profusion came.

Cambrian life exploded as a flame.

While most went out, some lineages grew,

So even now descendants bear their name.


And so, with time, our ocean world was made.

Life has flourished through all it can evade.

So how did all these creatures still survive?

Evolve! Evolve! Evolve! That’s how it’s played



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