This blog is a venue to bring science into focus through poetry. Haiku are quick, easy to read and lend themselves surprisingly well to science writing. I am trying to return the view of the oceans to that of Panthalassa, a single unit of interactions that sum to the creation and support of all life. Similarly, the thoughts and and processes of science cannot exist without raw inspiration from the natural world. Inspiration that can be expressed as beautifully through prose or papers.

The blog is updated by Elliott Kurtz, a student of Marine Sciences and enthusiast of all things in the natural world. I am currently running a Diamondback terrapin nesting survey and conservation effort with the Friends of Flax Pond. This is  a volunteer supported effort at West Meadow Beach, Long Island that is blurring the lines between science, education and community action. More information at www.flaxpondfriends.org/terrapins

I am currently interested in applying GIS and fractal analysis to Marine Studies.


If you would like to get in touch about anything, please email me at:



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