Shark Week – part 1

This week I will be joining the SeaMonster blog in honoring sharks and working to build for them a legacy of respect and honor their importance to Panthalassa.


Nostril, tooth and eye

Lorenzini Ampullae

Arsenal of sharks

Sharks are masters of perception in the deep. Their keen sense of smell is well known, many figures are available on how many drops of blood can be sensed in how many swimming pool equivalent bodies of water, as is their eyesight, particularly for a fish. I am always most fascinated however with the Ampullae of Lorenzini. This network of receptors on their skin, which concentrates on the head, is able to pick up on the weak electrical fields emitted by nerves and muscles as an animal swims through the water. Because seawater is salty it is able to transmit these electrical signals to the shark. It’s an interesting thing to ponder how this particular sense would feel like to experience. Imagine seeing the movement of an animal, not by sight or sound, but by sensing the very motion of its muscles and nerves.






















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